Welcome to the website for the Vocation Office of the Diocese of Buffalo.

When looking at the future, there are many paths a person can choose. Sometimes individuals feel called to the priesthood, religious life, or other service within the Church, but may not know how to get more information. 

This is the purpose of our website. Please read Fr. Dave's message to you at the Director's Update page, which will give you more information and provide you with additional resources to help you discover God's plan.



A Priest Forever!
Sacerdos in Aeternam(Psalm 110:4)
Blessings upon newly ordained Fr. Sebastian Aristizabal!
Ordained June 1st for the Diocese of Buffalo;
Welcome to the greatest fraternity in the world!
Perhaps you, dear reader, would like to join this fraternity?  See the video below...
• "Response Group" - Discernment conversation for men college-aged and beyond.
New meeting dates added!  Click HERE for list of dates.
63 Altar Servers were awarded by Bishop Mike on April 27th, in a special Mass at the Cathedral.  Photo & Audio coverage HERE from our great WNY Catholic reporters.
73% of all priests ordained this year said they were altar servers in their youth.  Is God calling you?

• The Diocese of Buffalo is happy to be partnering with the Sulpicians at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore -- the oldest seminary in America!  Thanks to the Foundation for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for taking us inside the seminary campus in this video....

• Studies show that many priests were Eagle Scouts in their youth.  If you enjoy Scouting and have earned your religious emblems, maybe the next step is seminary!
Alleluia, resurrexit sicut dixit!  Christ is risen from the dead, and has shared His victory with us.  This has changed everything, it's a major deal -- big enough to devote your entire life to... [click for more]
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