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The work of promoting and encouraging vocations to priesthood and religious life is meant to be shared by all members of the Church. Those who serve as youth ministers, catechists, and Catholic school teachers have a unique role fostering these vocations because those in their care are often at ages where they begin to think about their futures and how God may be calling them to share their gifts. The Director of Vocations is available to assist youth ministers, catechists, faith formation directors, campus ministers, Catholic school teachers and principals, parish administrators and clergy in implementing various tools for vocation awareness. While the vocation office works primarily with the vocation to diocesan priesthood, it can also make available some basic resources for religious vocations for men and women.

The Office of Vocations has a wide variety of resources available for encouraging and informing about Church vocations. Some are readily available upon request, and others can be ordered from

These include:

-Books & literature

-Videos for various age groups (for priesthood and women religious)

-Prayer activities for classrooms or other group settings

-Vocation lesson plans and other fun activities

-Exciting vocation paraphernalia for the young

The Director of Vocations is available upon request for the following:

-To advise catechists, teachers, and youth ministers on available resources as well as the implementation of various strategies

-To give presentations and conduct Q&A sessions to classes, youth ministry, and campus ministry groups

-To speak about vocations to those preparing for Confirmation

-To participate in vocation panels or career day visits

-To participate and assist with the planning of discernment dinners and/or retreats

-To mentor students in your programs who may be showing signs of a priestly vocation

Familiarity with is encouraged, as a wide variety of vocation themed products, services, and ideas can be found there. 

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