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Lent already?  It's about as early as it can be.  Some of us didn't even have our Christmas lights taken down yet.  But we should be eager to walk with Jesus and to share His sufferings, knowing He will carry the bulk of the load (Matthew 11:28-30)
Challenge yourself with your penances this year.  Many people default to the same old penance they've had for decades - giving up chocolate, etc.  It's become a "familiar, comfortable sacrifice."  Huh?  That's a contradiction in terms!  Sacrifice can never be comfortable!  But it can be joyful, knowing that it is purifying us and drawing us into deeper union with Jesus.
And in that closer walk with He, what is Jesus saying to you?  What changes does he ask you to make?  What new things does He want you to consider.  What is His ultimate plan for your life, to help the building of His Kingdom here on earth?
If that call is priesthood, and you hesitate to embrace it in this time of change and uncertainty, I want to tell you that I believe:  there is no greater time to be a priest in Buffalo!
It's a redefining moment, as Families Of Parishes are activating all across our diocese.  The Road To Renewal will bring many changes to the life of our diocesan priests:  more fraternity with brother priests, more community in working together, new styles of collaboration with deacons and lay ministers, and importantly:  less exhuastion!
Be part of the renewal and help shape the future of our diocese - as a priest!
Praised Be Jesus Christ!
Fr. Dave

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