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Green vestments are out again, and it is back to Ordinary Time.  We work on the fundamental process of being faithful to Jesus in the plain circumstances of life -- offering our prayers, attending Holy Mass, being kind to others, and discerning God's will for our lives.  What is God asking you to do for His Church?
I want to tell you that I believe:  there is no greater time to be a priest in Buffalo!
It's a redefining moment, as Families Of Parishes are activating all across our diocese.  The Road To Renewal will bring many changes to the life of our diocesan priests:  more fraternity with brother priests, more community in working together, new styles of collaboration with deacons and lay ministers, and importantly:  less exhuastion!
Be part of the renewal and help shape the future of our diocese - as a priest!
Praised Be Jesus Christ!
Fr. Dave

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